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Sorry but Magento drive every one crazy
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I am trying to install in local and remote since 1 week, always error (i can’t go to backend, error message during installation, error to manage ecc. ecc.) i don’t understand why is so complicated to install, why is not like wordpress, joomla, drupal, with 5/6 click you are ready to manage your site.
Please make a solution because is not possible all this time to try to learn, Google is full of post that talk about Magento’s error but nodody have a solution, for ex. try to change locahost with, ok changed but NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING.
An italian hosting that has mangento preintalled, the firt page is the installation page to config, after the page when you have to fill the fields of database user, pass ERROR ERROR ERROR.
Somebody knows a right metod to install plese.

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