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San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

I have the need to configure my products in 2 different currencies. first, i have products based on US dollars that have to be displayed in Mexican pesos and sold in pesos base on the exchange rate. second, i have products bases on Mexican pesos and displayed on Mexican pesos, so no conversion needed here.

I manage to configure 2 websites with their respective stores and views, after that i can now define products based on US dollars or based on Mexican pesos. the problem comes in the storefront, when i select one website i can see only the products defined on it, so if i select the website based in US dollars, i cannot see the product based on Mexican pesos and vice verse.

Is there any way to tell magento to show all the products, from both websites in the storefront at the same time? Or is there any way to do what i need without the creation of 2 websites?


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