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magento sluggish
Jon Edwards
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I’m in the process of replacing my antiquated shopping cart site with something newer/better. After scouring the web for options, I decided to give Magento a try.

Installed with sample data on my shared host (Jumpline VDS server - with no problem.

Just started going throught the “Magento User Guide” (lots of info!) to familiarize myself and have to say I’m a little concerned about how sluggish it’s running.  Now I’m wondering if this is the cart I want to use.  I don’t want to spend too much time learning Magento, importing my other site/catelog, only to be disappointed in the end that it’s too slow. I also don’t want to commit to a different host, without knowing this will make things better. I looked at who claims they are optimized for Magento…

I am aware of the “cache” settings and how that might help performance. I went to that screen, selected “Enable” and checked all the boxes and saved the settings, but the resulting screen shows all boxes checked, but “Enable” is switched to “No Change”.  Not sure what’s going on there…

Lot’s of unknowns. I’d appreciate feedback from some more experienced Magento users about this issue of performance and whether there is something I’m missing, or if this is just a tradeoff for using what appears to be a very robust and capable open source e-commerce system.



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Jon, as a general rule, Magento’s increased resource requirements make it unsuitable for use in a shared hosting environment. If you scan the forums here you will see lots of discussions about this. Although there are some things that can be tuned, the type of tuning that will yield the best performance is not normally available in a shared environment.

That said, I have personally run it on shared environments and achieved performance that was adequate, though certainly not what one would call snappy. (For what it’s worth, I was hosted at

To get to the snappy level of performance, I moved the store to a VPS with more memory and dedicated virtual resources. It is particularly important that to be running your own copy of MySQL, where you can get effective caching, unlike a shared environment, where there are so many apps competing for the database that often the cache hit ratio is extremely low.

Adequate VPS hosting is very cheap these days and, if you’re running an online store, hosting should be the last thing to skimp on.

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