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I have recently reviewed Magento and I am seriously considering moving from our current solution (osCommerce based) to using Magento as the core solution.

However before such a move I would need to add some of the features we are currently using. I am going to add these “missing” features as separate posts to see what people think.

What I would really like to know is:
1. Although I have searched, does anybody know of this or a similar feature being discussed elsewhere?
2. Will the Magento team state whether this or a similar feature will be added to the core solution within the next 6 months?
3. Any comments from the community to improve my suggested feature.


Aim: To allow picker to know where in warehouse a product is located

Example: Print out a single sheet of paper listing: product name, quantity, SKU, order number and warehouse position for a number of orders that need dispatching.

Suggested Solution:  Add to “Inventory” tab on /index.php/admin/catalog_product/edit/id/xxx/ the ability to allow admin to state where that product is located.  We use 3 dropdown for this and 1 text box for comments...but this may have to be changed for a larger warehouse.  We use:
dropdown 1 = A-Z = Rows
dropdown 2 = 1-10 = Bays
dropdown 3 = A-F = Shelves
text box = comments = for products that are located in a “funny” place

I recommend displaying the warehouse position on a picking list as described here...basically single sheet used by picker to collect a number of orders at same time.

Many thanks in anticipation


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