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I have recently reviewed Magento and I am seriously considering moving from our current solution (osCommerce based) to using Magento as the core solution.

However before such a move I would need to add some of the features we are currently using. I am going to add these “missing” features as separate posts to see what people think.

What I would really like to know is:
1. Although I have searched, does anybody know of this or a similar feature being discussed elsewhere?
2. Will the Magento team state whether this or a similar feature will be added to the core solution within the next 6 months?
3. Any comments from the community to improve my suggested feature.

I have not looked in detail at how Magento handles currencies but…


Aim: To round up non fixed/base currencies to more attractive prices

Example: Sterling price = £9.99 (fixed/base), US dollar price = $17.25 (auto converted) however script rounds up and displays/charges to customer $19.99

Suggested Solution: Add two additions options to /index.php/admin/system_config/edit/section/currency/ which are:
Round to XXX4.99 or XXX9.99
Rounding up on included tax
if “Round to XXX4.99 or XXX9.99” is unticked, no rounding happens
if “Round to XXX4.99 or XXX9.99” is ticked, rounding happens, based on:
if “Rounding up on included tax” is unticked, rounding done on price excluding tax
if “Rounding up on included tax” is ticked, rounding done on price including tax

Obviously the front needs to display rounded price to customer and perhaps the checkout will need to be updated to charge customer rounded price not true conversion price.

Many thanks in anticipation


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