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requst for a SSH installation Guide
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Big THANK YOU to Andre, I finally got it install on my (mt) grid server but is now having a whole new problem:
Wish I saw that thread earlier.  So now my conclusion is move away from (mt) :(
If you are (mt) customers, don’t bother to try as (mt) has no support for third party software and unlikely going to do anything to accommodate Magento for the time being.

Nonetheless, with the help I got from Andre is a huge step for me to get closer to Magento smile
p/s. Roy, the Wiki article you posted, only good for geek I am afraid smile but then geek doesn’t need that to get the installation done smile

I totally missed 3 important steps that are obvious to you guyes.

with Andre’s help, I did these steps (and I am posting it here hopefully it’s something useful for others):

1) login
2) type: ls -l
3) type: cd domains (because I wanted it to install in a sub.addondomain)
4) type: ls -l (again and it brings up all domains I have in the server)
5) type: cd subdomainname
6) type : wget (this one I totally missed it as it didn’t occur to me that I SHOULD NOT change it to my domain name)
7) type this:  tar -zxvf Magento-B1Preview-0.6.tar.gz
8) type: exit


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im flattered, thank you smile

if i can help anyone else, please do not hesitate to contact me through PM to get my msn contact details.

Regards and happy magento-ing

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