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2 Questions - Add selected to cart, setup weight
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I have 2 questions that are kind of related.
My product is a skein of yarn.  You can get 4 sizes, each has a different weight.
The only way i could figure out how do what i wanted was to make each weight it’s own product.
because I can’t adjust weight in a attribute —correct?
ok so now I have each weight as a “related product” so that you can choose which weight you want.
AFTER you chose a color. 
So the color cannot be ordered, you have to choose weight after that.
Can I eliminate these fields, on just one product - the COLOR product?

and the 2nd question is even thought it says “add selected to cart” if I only want 2 of the 3 items, how then do I actually add them to the cart at the same time.  Currently I have to click on each product and add each one to the cart separately.

And even if I should change how I do first part, I think magento still needs a button here.  As you can’t add 2 of 3 related products. etc.

and maybe this is a wishlist item.

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Portland, Or

I think what you may be looking for is grouped products or configurable products.

Grouped products will give you selection boxes of the different colors so a user
can select multiples.

Configurable products will give you a dropdown so the user can select one.

Both of these will be in the actual product area and the backend will take care
of adding the correct ones to the shopping cart when clicking the ‘Add to Cart’

The related products are a way to add seperate products to the order at the
same time you click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and is not really
designed for what your trying to do. Kinda like the impulse displays at a store.

Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.

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