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Product Attributes - What a pain! 
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Joined:  2008-08-05

Ok, the attributes aspect of Magento is great. The layered navigation is awesome. But I can’t believe that there’s not a better way to add attributes than manually, one by one.

We have an attribute of length, for example, that ranges from 7” to 32-3/8” and contains dozens of possibilities in between, and these need to be included in the layered nav. I wish I could just set upan attribute without actually adding the options. The options would automatically be created on product upload.

Also, if we add a product with a different length in the future, the attribute options are not organized numerically (or alphabetically), but rather in the order they are added, which makes selecting an option really annoying if you happen to add a product manually.

I like Magento better than LiveCart, but LiveCart’s attribute functionality is great. You can even include text input fields in the layered navigation (as opposed to drop-down/mult-select only).

I’ve seen some code out there to get around this limitation, but as often as Magento is updated, I hate to think I’d have to reapply the custom code each time we upgrade. Any ideas?

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