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File upload option not working? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-11-26

I’m designing an online store for a printing company and I was trying to add the option to upload the customer’s artwork. I created a configurable product to allow selection of different sizes and set up tier pricing on each individual “sub-product”.
I added the Custom Option to the configurable product to add files to the purchase, but when I open the product page on the front end, nothing seems to happen after I select a file… confused
Did I miss something in the configuration of the system or what?
I tried both in FF 3.6 and IE8… Nothing.
Running Magento CE on a VPS, so it has plenty of resources to run on.
I don’t really want everything to depend on ZetaPrints. If a customer already has a design, it should be as simple as “select format, select quantity, upload design, checkout”.

Help anybody? :(
Thanks in advance!

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