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Pay Pal not charging full amount on some instances
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Joined:  2007-09-11

I have an issue with shipping not being calculated by paypal but only in some instances.

A customer added her item to the cart, THEN registered, went through checkout with a total including shipping costs. On all the magento info, it states shipping was calculated.  Once she paid through paypal, the shipping was NOT taken and she was only charged for the product only. I receive paypal notification to state only product amount has been taken.

Having had magento and paypal in working order, this is something new to me.

If the customer registers and THEN adds the item to the shopping cart, pays and goes through to paypal, the amount inc. shipping is taken.  No issue and everything is ok.

But if the item is added to cart pre registering, and the person registers on my site once the item has already been added to cart the shipping, goes through to paypal, the full total is not taken by paypal.  I need to know how to fix this.

I can’t afford to have anyone go through and avoid shipping costs due to this issue and I don’t want to force people to register before they can add to the cart.

Everything is set up in paypal correctly, everything is set up in magento correctly by a professional.  I am using shipping module from webshopsapps premium rates shipping extension

Can someone please help. Thanks

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Jr. Member
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I have had this same issue highlighted by a client just today. Thanks for your post as it would have taken me ages by process of elimination to recreate the problem!
If anyone has a fix for this it would be very much appreciated!

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