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Cart Price & Subtotal Incorrect
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Has anyone seen this before??

I’ve had a real downturn in sales, like NONE, I eventually sat down to try and work out why, and noted that in my Google Analytics I did have people going through to checkout.

I had not been paying attention, but then realised that on my site when you ADD a product to the cart, it makes two errors:

1 - It makes the price of the prodict in the Cart to be Excl Tax.
2 - In the SUBTOTAL it puts the cost of the Original Product (incl Tax) plus the cost of the Product (excl Tax).

For example, go to this page:

- Product price should be $19.99 (which is Incl tax).
- Cart has product at $17.77 (which is minus the NZ Tax of 12.5%).
- Subttotal has $37.76 which is $19.99 + $17.77

I’ve triple checked all of the Magento Admin Config, and I’ve got everything set to be Including Tax. Nothing unusual there. Something is going wrong in the Add to Cart process.

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