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Only locally workin webshop (tax issue)
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Hello everyone and sorry if this question has been answered somewhere. There is so many posts and threads that I cannot be sure whether or not.. However, I didn’t find an answer, so I post my simple question here.

I want to run my webshop locally within one country. We have two tax categories based on products. So I would like the store and shopping cart to show price includung taxes. So is it possible to make the store handle taxes in a way that the prices I enter to each product is handled as tax-included price?

I.e. products tax rate is 10%

- I enter 110 ¤ as products price.
- The shop shows the tax-included price 110 ¤ to customers
- In shopping cart customers see price somewhat as:
Price excluding tax = 100 ¤
Tax = 10 ¤

Now my magento is handling the prices as tax-excluded, even though it would be possible to show the tax-included price immediately, since the tax level doesn’t depend on any customer characteristic.

Any help appreciated!

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