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Intense OnePage Checkout Hacking
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Joined:  2008-01-11

Hey folks.

I have to do some serious hacking on the onepage checkout, and I need your input.
Here’s Magento’s default checkout process:
1. Login/Register
2. Billing
3. Shipping
4. Shipping Method
5. Payment
6. Review

This is what I need my checkout process to be:
1. Login/register
2. Billing (only if customer has just registered, otherwise we skip and default to the address he specified in his account)
3. Review
4. Payment (this happens on an external site and is the only available method)

So. So far, I’ve managed to remove all the steps that needed to be removed, and I find myself with one simple problem: the checkout doesn’t work :o)
It does everything correctly, but obviously since the payment and shipping info have not been filled, Magento doesn’t know where to send the user when he presses the checkout’s submit button. This is what I need help with. Not necessarily code, but ideas. I’ve tried putting the content of shipping and payment’s phtmls into review.phtml to no avail, and I’m running out of ideas, so how would you do it?

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