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Unable to add Simple products to Configurable product
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-05-20

I have a configurable product that I can not add all of the associated simple products too.  I created all 405 simple products from within the configurable product using the “quick create”.  There are 81 of each x-small, small, medium, large and x-large simple products.  After I created all of the x-smalls (and so on for all sizes) I clicked save and continue, just in case of a computer crash.  (I now realize that they are saved as they are created, just not as associated products of the configurable I’m working in.) Anyway, I was able to save all of the x-small, small, medium and larges, but now I can’t save any of the x-larges.

When I filter the results for all products with the particular SKU that aren’t checked (or associated) I get all of the x-larges.  When I check all of them to save them, I get booted to the dashboard page of the backend.  Before that I would get the “please wait” wheel of death spinning for literally a half hour and by then I would just stop the page and reload, but that doesn’t happen anymore.

So bottom line is I don’t know why I can’t save all of x-larges as associated products.  They were created just like all of the rest so I don’t see the problem.  Is there some kind of limit to how many simple products you can add to a config product?

Help!  By the way I’m running 1.1.6.  Oh and the really annoying thing is that one of our competitors is running Magento selling the same product and they were able to get it up fine.  Just my luck!

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