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theme creation under the DEFAULT VS FRONTEND
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hi everyone… i was following along the designers guide and had a question:

i wanted to use the “modern” theme as a starting point in my design over the default one. so i copied the modern directory and renamed it “shop_1"-copied from “modern” for BOTH the app/design/frontend/default/shop_1 AND skin/frontend/default/shop_1

ok… so then i went to the admin section of the backend to switch the theme:
went to the system->configuration and then to the design tab

i then switched to the shop_1 theme which is based off the modern theme with no problem by putting in “shop_1” in the default under themes.

HOWEVER, my question is when would i put something other than “default” for the “current package name” under package?

i ask this because i kept putting “shop_1” as the current package name and it wasn’t working and it finally worked when i put that at “default” and put “shop_1” ONLY for default under themes

would i change the current package name ONLY when i create a NEW directory in the app/design/frontend/ AND skin/frontend/

when would i want to create a NEW theme under the app/design/frontend/ AND skin/frontend/ INSTEAD of creating a new theme under the app/design/frontend/default/ AND skin/frontend/default/ like i am doing now?

can someone please clarify this as i am confused as to how to approach theme creation when there is two different ways: creation under the default and creation NOT under the default.

please help and thank you in advance blank stare

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When you place shop_1 (theme) underneath the default (package) folder you must specify default as the package. If you were to create your own package folder instead of default, you could then use that as the package in the admin instead. Hopefully that clarifies things for you.


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