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Joined:  2008-07-31

Hi all

I have a few questions/queries and was wandering if someone can either help me, or give me links to previous discussions which will answer my queries.  I am new to this thing, and I am not so hot on programming, coming from a design background.

I am currently doing designs to skin the magento shopping cart from the front end.

1. Can I have it so that one of my categories of products, is the default home/landing page?  For example, the electronics page/list of products would be on the home page, and have the all the other categories like the links that are currently on the default design?  Is that just a case of setting the home page URL to one of the sub category URL s?  I don’t plan on having the shop tiers too complicated.  Maybe just for or 5 types of products.  So I just wanted one of the types, as the home page, and the links/tabs to the other products.

2. Is there a way, that I can give restricted access to the back end/admin panel for 3rd parties (distributors, warehouse etc)?  I was just thinking something like, they can see the orders for that day/week?  Something simple like that.

4. How do I dummy run buying a product, and then the money go through to the account? Is there e-commerce installed? What payment methods can it accept? Say I (myself) by something from the shop, to see that the orders are being processed properly? And more importantly, the money is going through okay?  I know that the merchant accounts to be set up to receive payments, and I was thinking about using something like Worldpay or paypall.  Just for now.

5. Also, just several other idea’s and all sightly smaller.  New pages is fine, but how about More links in the footer? like a Site Map? and maybe incorporating a Blog?

6. Google analytic’s? Is this incorporated in the same manner as normal sites?

I guess that is all I have for now.  If anyone has any kind of helpful advise or suggestions, then that would be really cool. 

Thank you


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