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Note about default stores
Jr. Member
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Well, I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, so I’m posting it here. I’ll provide example in categories since they are simpler than anything else.
Goto Admin/Catalog/Manage Categories. Make sure you have “All Stores” on the left. Create new category. Try switching to any store (English/French/whatever) - the name of the category is the same (you was in all stores). Go back to “All stores”. Select and edit category you just created. This time you edit “All stores” as a specific store (store id - 0), so this update is not reflected in other stores. I’m pretty sure it should.

As far as I understand this have to work like this: if you’re changing something from default store (or “All stores") you’re changing this value across all stores that have the same value as “default store” (ie “shared value").

If this is a problem, I’m sure this is site-wide, so you might really want to check it out. I guess the guys who reported at least these:
Category Meta Data Not Updating
Changing Existing Product Title not working
where changing “Default Store” values, and that’s why their changes are not reflected in “English Store”, that is starting in demo.

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Hi Alex,

I’d like to say that it is just a problem of wording. You can try to think of it as not of values that are automatically distributed over all of the stores, but as of default values, that will be copied when the product is associated to a new store (click and try the Stores tab).

You can also check out ”How Multiple Websites & Stores Work” overview in Knowledge Base.

Thank you.

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