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Product View Layout
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First of all nothing that I do to the view.phtml and media.phtml pages shows any changes to the site. I guess I am not editing the right files? Under system>configuration>themes I did not specify any themes so I would imagine I am editing the default theme but for some reason the changes do not take effect.

The site is empty because I am still trying to format it but here is the link:

Now what I want to do is rearrange the product view page so that the price is 1 line below the product name. Right now the image is where I want it to be. I\’ve tried editing the catalog.xml and other files but like I said above when i make a change to the files nothing shows up on the site other than the CSS changes. Cache is disabled.

Anyone have any insight for me?

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Aviano ~ Italy

Also if cache is disabled Magento creates a folder under magento/var/cache/
try to delete the folder cache

also, maybe you installed any extensions? because if you install any extensions they create a new version of phtml files elsewhere

you can try to turn on the Template Path Hints

go to admin -> configuration -> select the store view -> developer -> Template Path Hints TURN ON

go to frontend and reload the page

you can see the structure of your page and the phtm file magento loads

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