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Newly added maintainer has empty Manage extensions section
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2010-06-03

hi guys
I have created a new extension and successfully uploaded it to the Magento Connect collection. I had to repackage my extension with adding one more leader mainatiner and updated the live extension. But the new maintainer’s account still cannot see the extension, is there any way to add new maintainers to an existing extension?
The usernames are correct and uses the user name of the existing Magento account, also both leaders are set active. One question though: is the Name of the maintainer of any inportance?Just in case I have filled in and selected all fields in the Maintainers section, so surely there is not a problem.Or does it take some time while the Magento account’s Manage extensions section is affected???

Can someone help with this issue, as it drives me crazy....

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