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After reindexing data, products in a subcategory show up on the parent category’s page when they should not show up
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Hi all,

I’ve encountered a rather strange error this afternoon - after reindexing data, all the products inside a particular subcategory started appearing inside the parent category as well, which I don’t want them to do.

I have 3 specific products inside Category A, and a further 40 products inside Category A-1, which is a subcategory of category A.
Up until today, they have stayed in their respective categories as you’d expect, but when I reindexed the data from Index Management, all of Category A-1’s products started showing up in Category A.

When I go into Category A via the admin interface, Catalog -> Manage Categories, I can see that there are 43 products inside Category A when there should only be 3. However, when I select Category A and click on “Category Products”, I can only see the 3 products that I would expect, and the other 40 don’t show up.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? It hasn’t happened for any other categories and I can’t see anything different about the category that’s having the error.



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