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Order Cancelation
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My store:

I have a few products.  I have a simple product for each size in each item.  They are set to show nowhere.  I then have a configurable product that the customer sees with the size options.  (I went by the screencast tutorial on here)

It works fine until you go to the order.  Even though the customer purchased the XSmall the order or invoice show the product sku for the configurable product and not the simple product.  BUT, when you go look at the inventory AFTER the order is placed the XSmall QTY in stock is decreased by the order amount.  This seems like a glitch.

Then when you cancel that order the XSmall QTY stays the same.  BUT the configurable products qty goes UP by the qty ordered.

This makes no sense.  Something must be wrong here.  If someone can help I will more then gladly give you admin rights to check it out.

Thank you for the help,

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