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InnoDB errors over and over in the syslog? 
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Joined:  2008-08-04

So I’m getting this error coming up an unbelievable number of times over and over in my syslog:

Oct  2 14:12:04 hearsay-dev mysqld[14302]InnoDBUnable to lock ./ibdata1error11
Oct  2 14
:12:04 hearsay-dev mysqld[14302]InnoDBCheck that you do not already have another mysqld process
Oct  2 14
:12:04 hearsay-dev mysqld[14302]InnoDBusing the same InnoDB data or log files.

Now, I’ve done absolutely all the server optimization that has been discussed on this board, but there’s still a lag a little over 50% of the time when I’m browsing through the site on my dev server. It’s another computer on my local network, so I’ve ruled out that it could be a problem with the connection to the Internet.

Does anyone know what this error message means?

And could it possibly be the root cause for the slowdown?

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