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Javascript implementation problems on Mac (but not Magento’s fault)
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Joined:  2008-08-29

First let me say that this problem is NOT caused by Magento - and I’m only posting it here in the hope that a fellow-Magento-user can help me out as it is affecting my use of Magento.

I am a mac user, and recently installed the Java Update 2 for mac.  Since then, if I am in Magento admin, adding a new product, and I am on the IMAGES tab and click on “Browse” to upload images, nothing happens.  (On a totally unrelated website that also has a button you click for selecting files on your computer to upload, this same problem occurs.)

It is not specific to any one browser - it happens to me on Safari, Opera, Firefox - all the latest versions.  But it IS specific to my computer, since if I access my Magento admin from my wife’s computer, I have no problem uploading images.

I’ve done all the usual things - reinstalled the Java update in safe mode, emptied all browser caches, etc.  But I can’t seem to fix this problem.

Can someone first confirm for me what exactly is being triggered when you click that browse button?  I am assuming it is Javascript, but can someone please confirm this?

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be extremely grateful - again, I know this problem is not being caused by Magento - but it’s impacting my use, and I’d love to be able to resolve this.  (Note: on various mac-related forums, I’ve read posts from others who have found various assets no longer working after this Java update, but I’ve yet to see a solution provided that actually works.)

Thanks so much,

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