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Attributes on product view yield ‘& quot; & amp;’ instead of ‘“ &’
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Joined:  2009-12-02

I just upgraded my magento from to using these steps:

1. export the old database (Magento Admin -> System - Tools - Backups) and save it to a local folder;

2. in phpMyAdmin, create a new database (and a new user and password if needed) 

3. in phpMyAdmin, import the sql file saved in step 1; 

4. in phpMyAdmin, click on the newely created database, go to core_config_data table and delete all data from it; 

5. install Magento in a new location, following instructions from their guide, but using the database (and user, password) created at step 2; 

6. from the old magento installation, copy the Media folder to the new installation folder; 

7. go to Magento Admin -> System - Index Management and reidex everything.

Everything went smoothly and everything seems to be working fine except for my attributes on my product view. 
I have attached photos of my attribute settings.

1 value for my attribute is:

1/8" TRS Male

On my layered navigation I have attributes showing perfect “ and & with no problem.  It is only on the product view page in the Additional Information area where you will find the value above looking like so:

1/8&quotTRS Male

Is there anyone else who has had this problem? if so what can I do?  Thank you.

EDIT: I have also noticed thus far that this is only occurring when it is a drop down attribute.  All other styles of input work fine and show the proper characters on the frontend.

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