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License Issue
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Seems like a company selling magento extensions is not very customer freindly in my opinion.

I bought an extension for magento version 1.3
Since magento 1.4 this extension needs to be updated to fully work.

The 1.4 extension is a modifiiction of the 1.3 and according the them I could also do this myself. As I am not a programmer I don’t know how top do this and have no time for doing so.

Now when I need the 1.4 modification I have to pay the full price like any new customer and this makes me feel being ripped off. As an existing customer I have allready paid for the 1.3 version and 1.4 is a small modification. I have no problem paying for that but not the full price.

To me this looks like this company does not value existing customers. But things get even worse. I told them I will publish my negative view on their unfriendly update policy and their remark was that if they found I did, they would close my account, so no 1.3 updates I paid for. This really pissed me off even more as I am not negative about the extension itself just their update policy not rewarding existing customers. Their threat to close my paid for account as that is their choice is another statement that this company does not reward their exisisting customer. This really sucks.

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