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Magento - selling theatre and hotel packages? 
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I’m currently looking for an eCommerce CMS for a new client site, and Magento looks a top candidate for me.

The site will be for a small local client who sells theatre and hotel pacakges. They don’t need any fancy availability checking systems, they just need visitors to be able to add packages to the cart and then go through checkout. My client will then source the tickets / booking, and report back to the customer if it’s unavailable. Payment will obviously only be taken if it is available.

An example would be “Ticket to see Blood Brothers and 1 night at a 4* London theatre - £139.99 per person”. That would be easy to do as one product. A few questions:

1. They obviously need a date picker for customer to choose when they want to go to the show. Would this be possible with Magento? Can you add custom form fields to the checkout, which might let me do this?

2. They need customer to be able to add additional nights to the hotel stay, over the 1 night include in the pacakge. Can Magento do this?

3. The payment will be manually completed by my client, so they don’t need any automated gateway. Is this possible in Magento?

Thanks in advance!

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See if the following module can fullfill your needs. We can also customize it anyway you like

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