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Categories in Admin
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I have nearly created my first magento store using version 1.1.6 and everythng was going great.  I had created a vertical nav and managed to get sub categories in a grid format with images and it looked great.  I then needed to add the protx payment module (form) so i done this in the magento connect.  Once this was complete I noticed that all the images for my sub categories have dissapeared, then I noticed that in the admin panel none of the buttons would work.  I managed to fix this using a patch in the magento connect which then allowed me to use the buttons again but when I click on the category button the list is completely different and it does not show me the list like it did before.  I cannot expand or see my sub categories.  Its just an orange list of my main categories, the one before was blue and had little boxes with x’s on to expand to view the sub categories.

Can anyone help me get it back so I can veiw the sub categories.

My domain is:-

I can post any code here to, I would appreciate any advise from


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I also have a bigger problem with managing categories in admin.

When adding a category everything seems fine (looged in as admin), and the category is shown in the category tree (in admin/catalog/manage categories).

After logout and login (again same admin account), the category isn’t shown anymore in the tree (in admin/catalog/manage categories), but in the shop front it appears, as well as in the sitemap.

Very strange. Even worse, it is also not displayed when a new product is added and I like to add the product to this newly added category.

Should mention that categrorie that were imported via the oscommerce import extension are working. But new categrories are not ...

Thanks for your hints, hopefully, as this is boring ...

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