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Abandoned Cart Alerts module - Emails not sending - Customer email address NULL in database
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We recently installed Aitoc/Adjustware’s Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro module in our Magento cart site.  I’ve noticed, however, that it’s not sending emails for abandoned carts.  The issue seems to be that the customer email address in the database is NULL.

It looks like the Abandoned Carts Alerts module checks the sales_flat_quote and sales_flat_quote_address tables in the database for the customer email address.  When I start placing an order in our cart and abandon my cart before placing the order, I’ve noticed that both the customer_email field in the sales_flat_quote table and the email field in the sales_flat_quote_address are NULL, so the Abandoned Carts Alerts module has no email address to use for sending the abandoned cart alert.

In fact, all of the customer information fields (first name, middle name, last name, address fields, etc.) in the sales_flat_quote_address and sales_flat_quote tables are NULL for an abandoned cart order.  These fields don’t seem to be populated with the customer’s actual information until they place their order.  I would think that the customer contact information would be saved when the customer continues from the billing address section of the checkout process, but it appears that is not the case.

My question is, why is the customer information (specifically, their email address in this case) not saved when a customer abandons the cart?  It seems like that information is necessary in order for the Abandoned Carts Alerts module to work.

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You’d have to contact AITOC about this.

Magento has a specific problem in that it’s housekeeping does not get rid of abandoned carts for either registered or guest carts, so the information is out there till you manually delete it. Their cart cleanup routine inexplicably only expires out completed cart quote information.

AITOC’s module, being third party is probably not in most Magento users websites, and their inability to pick up the information that is actually there may be either a misconfiguration, software that doesn’t work with your version of Magento, or a bug in their software that requires their attention or an update from them to fix it.

You will need to contact AITOC for software support on this.

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