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OMG, Normalize Much?? 
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Hudson Valley, NY, US

I’m getting my first new store started.  I created several dozen categories by hand in the admin, then I went in to mysql to see what all those categories tables look like now.  Who knew there was a 25th level normal!  I almost expect to see a table with primary keys 0-9, one data field containing digits 0-9.  Boy, this database takes the cake.

It is absolutely a beautiful job, but it’s certainly a jolt to see that level of design in an os cart.  I’m used to seeing a more ad-hoc db in os systems, some areas fully normalized, others holding the kitchen sink with nary an index.

I was planning to go into mysql, slap a couple joins in a SQL window and pull my text and cat ids and whatever, see what the raw data looks like.  I manage stores with 45,000+ prods, so on the other carts I admin I prefer to do some stuff in the admin, then poke the rest into the tables with SQL to save time.  Needless to say, that ain’t gonna happen here!  I can’t say it’s over-built since I don’t know what this cart can do yet, I guess it needs to be normalized up the wazoo, but I will say that this letter-prefect db structure is a real shock to my system after dealing with Zen Cart and x-cart and etc.

Sorry, just a rant

<and a thumbs-up to the designers>


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Come on man, do you have any idea about database denormalization and pattern?

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