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Features Wish List request - Great Features Magento Should Have
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I think some great additional features to add to Magento is

1- Adding an autoship feature, where customers can have their products shipped to them on a monthly basis automatically, without having to come back to the website and order again and again
2- Allowing customers to belong to multiple customer groups
3- Having forced rules when configuring products with many different options - some of the more complicated type of products that have multiple options, sometime require if they choose “option a” , then they must choose “option b” in order for the product to be configured correctly
4- Having a built in live chat will be very helpful
5- Being able to have sales report that is separated by each login user, so each sale person’s sales can be tracked easier
6- Be able to create landing pages with drag and drop options to easily move pictures and text around very easily
7- An Event Manager, that sales and promotions can be controlled for certain holidays and certain days of the year, I know OScommerce has this module
8- Customer Can Receive “Back in Stock” Emails
9- A Search bar that can figure out the most popular products to show in search results
10- Have Magento figure out the best cross sales and upsells to offer to customers based on previous orders - This is an excellent feature
11- Having a product feed for all the major shopping sites like, Yahoo shopping, Nextag, Bizrate, etc..
12- Customer levels can have special product pricing, can offer percent discounts, free shipping, tax exception, etc.
13- IP Address Tracking: For safety and auditing, IP addresses are logged (PABP)
14- Top sellers list of for each product category

Daniel Rosenstein

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Thanks for this information and keep up the good work in this website smile

registrar un dominio

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Hello dur911,

the features you request are really great! Currently Magento is missing them, so I can recommend some extensions to serve your needs:

- Special Occasion Coupons extension lets send customers coupon codes on birthday, signup, other events.

- Pre-order extension sends emails to customers who are interested in out-of-stock products once they are back in stock.

- Product Feed extension helps create feeds for comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search, Nextag,, etc. in a few clicks. You will also have an ability to have different prices and other values in each feed.

- Custom Options for Customer Groups extension lets you have special prices and other custom product options for each customer group.

- Improved Sorting extension lets customers sort products in your store by newest, bestsellers, reviews count, etc. You can also make one of the sorting options default for any category.

Hope that helps!

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Currently you can achieve these features by using modules such as few are mentioned below;

1. Event Manager

2. IP Address Security

for More features, visit FMEExtensions Magento store.

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