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I have recently started using Magento for the first time.  I have a question regarding adding items for sale and the pages that need to be created.  So, when viewing the catalog on the front page my items are being displayed, but, I click them and it comes to a 404 page stating that “category_name/the-cloting-name.html” was not found.  So, does this mean that for these items to be available to view more information about I must create those pages individually via “Admin -> CMS -> Manage Pages” block?

Also, after adding items I click “Add To Cart” on an item and it yet again comes up with a 404 page.  This time it looks like this:

“/magento/checkout/cart/add/uenc/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cua3VzaGRvdXQuY29tL21hZ2VudG8vP21vZGU9Z3JpZA,,/product/2/ was not found on this server”

So, basically I am asking if I need to add pages for those items individually and also asking why no items seem to work.

Thank you.

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