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How do I keep original customer “sign up” date when converting the account using the Customer API? 
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I’m converting an xcart customers list to Magento and would like to preserve their account signup date once they’re on Magento.  In xcart, the field “first_login” has the date I want.  It’s a unix timestamp, which I convert to datetime using the mysql function from_unixtime.  Here’s the code I’m passing to the API:

$newCustomer = array(
'firstname'  => $cust['firstname'],
'lastname'   => $cust['lastname'],
'email'      => $cust['email'],
'password_hash'   => md5('4g'.'********').':'.'4g',  
// password hash can be either regular or salted md5:
        // $hash = md5($password);
        // $hash = md5($salt.$password).':'.$salt;
        // both variants are valid
'created_at'   => $cust['member_since'],

'updated_at'   => date('Y-m-d H:i:s'),

'store_id'   => 1,
'website_id' => 1
$proxy->call($sessionId'customer.create', array($newCustomer));
catch (Exception $e)
echo "Failed to create customer: "$cust['firstname'].' '$cust['lastname']."<br>";
"==> Error: ".$e->getMessage();
"<br>Script terminated";
echo "Successfully created customer: (id) $customer_id (name) {$cust['lastname']}<br>";

As I mentioned, $cust[’member_since’] is a mysql datetime date.  When the customer is created via the API, the “created_at” value that I pass in to the API seems to be ignored and the new account shows up in Magento with a datestamp reflecting the time of import.

Anyone know how to override this?  Thanks!

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