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SPEED UP Solution. Try disabling antivirus on server. 
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Joined:  2008-08-03

I am sorry for making a topic for this, but I feel I have found gold.

I am running a very well equiped server, and couldnt believe that Magento ran soo slow. Also the Import too slow!
I have tried alot about cache, mysql, php, apache, and speciel configuration in Magento, to speed up. and IT did speed up.

But I cannot find any other threads about ANTI VIRUS = SLOW MAGENTO ?!

So this is my contribution.
I am running McAfee 8.5i Enterprise - And in this case it is not good. I have done some testing:

When Antivirus is enabled / disabled.
The front end runs almost the same.
The back end runs very poorly when enabled. - Run great when disabled. -
When pressing configuration, it takes 25 sec when AV is enabled and 4 sec when disabled.
Import goes alot faster too.... yeaaah.

When you wait the 25 sec, absolutely NOTHING happens on the server, CPU = 0%, memory the same and so on.

What can you do. You can tell you AV to NOT scan speciel directories, fx. tmp, cache and so on. Or uninstall it, now a day, you get virus even if you do have an Antivirus program installled.

I really hope that this can help.

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