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How can I access blogs in megento? 
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New Delhi

Hi All,

I installed blogs for magento with Lazzymonks Blog extention manager but I am not getting any section related with blog in admin panel or in front end. Andy body can tell me how can I access it.

Thank you,
Sandeep Jain

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What version of Magento are you running, and on what type of server?  (Please include version information.)

After the installation, you should have two mentions of Blog in your Admin menu structure.  The first is on the main menu, where you can manage your posts, comments and categories.  The second is under the configuration menu where you’ll find your Blog config options.  If you don’t see either, be sure your configuration was completed properly.

Check this by going into Admin and,
Clicking system and magento connect, then log in using your local username and password,
All your installed software should be listed here.  You’ll find your blog software listed under
Channel:  If you don’t see Monk_Blog in the list, you didn’t successfully install it.

To resolve the installation issue, click on the settings tab and change your preferred state from Stable to Beta.
Save your settings and return to the extensions tab and try your installation again.  Be sure you note what is reported in that black window on the bottom.  If there is still an installation problem it will be reported here.

Refresh the window after the installation and confirm that it is listed in the section “”

Now you should see everything as described when you return to Admin from magento connect.

Hope this helps.


PS - This Blog is awesome!!!  It works really well.  I actually like this solution better than the WordPress bind with Magento.  smile

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