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Merging Layered and Category Navigation
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Joined:  2008-08-26

Hi there,

I was wondering how it is possible to merge layered navigation and the category-navigation.
Let’s say I have a couple of categories like e.g. Shirts/Pants/Shoes/…
and every products has an attribute which determines whether it is “Girls” or “Men”.

So I now would like to have a top-bar-navigation with the two main buttons “Girls” and “Men”.
On rollover there should be drop-down-lists for each of the two stating the categories Shirts/Pants/Shoes/…

By clicking “Girls>Shirts” for example only shirts with the attribute “Girls” are supposed to be shown.
You see were this is going …

I know there is a workaround by “Girls” and “Men” being the main-categories and have the sub-categories doubled.
But I think this way the structure would be more clean and there is no double-content.
I also think this could be interesting for lots of other shops too.

So please help me out here.
Thanks a lot.

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