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Integrate Magento with backend fulfillment system? 
Chris Farley
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Joined:  2008-03-09

I would ideally like to use Magento as our web site’s front end. I can easily export our products, prices, inventory stock levels, etc. into Magento from our existing back-office system.

When a customer clicks on the “checkout” button, I would ideally like them to exit Magento, and be taken to our custom-programmed checkout system, which would probably be hosted on a separate web server.

I don’t want to use ANY of Magento’s checkout features, its back-end order management stuff, etc.

Is this kind of separation-of-responsibilities possible with Magento? Has anybody attempted such a thing?

If it were possible for magento to send a message to another system (using XML-RPC, Web Services, whatever...) when the “checkout” button is pressed with the contents of the shopping cart, we could ‘take it from there’ so to speak. Alternately, the shopping cart contents could be stored as a cookie…

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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