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Product “Category” Hangs
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Joined:  2008-08-07

When either creating a new product or editing an existing one, Magento hangs for about 4-10 minutes.  It simply says “Please Wait” for the entire time, before then allowing you to proceed to the next screen.

I am on a compatible server, with version 1.1.6.  No custom coding has been done.  My configuration is one Website with three stores, but the products have been configured to only one store, and was doing this before the other two stores were created.

I can’t think of anything that could be causing this.  My installation is fairly new and these are the first products that I have added in the course of the past month, since installation, as I’ve been learning about Magento and customizing images, etc.  It happens solely when that Category button is clicked, within a product listing.

If it matters, I found that I am not able to use extension keys to install anything via Magento Connect… it always returns an Pear Error.  It will let me upgrade Mage packages, and shows the new version in Admin and the frontend, but when refreshing Magento Connect, it still shows that I am at a previous version. I’m not sure if this is related at all.  That, I can live with, as long as it is really upgrading me on the application upgrades, but the hang time is severely slowing down my ability to careate and modify products, and that’s what I’d love to solve, if anyone has any tips.

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