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Some Suggestions…not that you guys need any! 
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Just want to first give some feedback! I think Magento is awesome! smile I haven’t had any trouble using it or accomplishing most of what I wanted with it. Thanks to all who are working on it! You are truly talented people!

As for suggestions, I know some of the things I am going to “suggest” can be done but I am asking if you can make it a bit easier for those of us who are petrified we are going to royally mess up the code if we go playing around in there (me). I am a creative person so php and html are like foreign languages to me (sorry...). I prefer not to mess around with something that works...I just like to make it work and add my creative side to it…

Would love it if you could somehow make the links at the top editable in the admin have them listed and let us choose where or if to display them, give us an option to rename them, and give us the option to change the order in which they are displayed.

Would also love it if you guys/gals could build into the admin area a way to add form fields to pages/checkout and have that data stored in the database too: example would be something like being able to add additional fields to the checkout page (for example) information you might need to collect from a customer in addition to just the name/address/shipping.

Lastly, I was wondering if you guys have considered creating a Magentunity ( wink ok, so maybe you’ll need a new name) but a community’ve already got more than enough of the bones to make it work...but, I do have one request, if you do so...please let the admin have the freedom to make it whatever type of community they would like (again for those of us scared of the code), don’t assume everyone wants a “MySpace” or Dating site...thanks!

My thanks to everyone working on make my life easier and therefore more beautiful...many blessings to you all!

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Milly - great idead about configurable top links and extra form fields - I agree that really would be very, very useful.

Good luck with Magento!

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