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do you feel the help is far from enough for learning?
I really think so 1
a bit 2
I think it’s enogh 1
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Feel desperated after a week’s learning of Magento
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WIth great passion to try Magento,I tried to learn about how to create my own design.But after reading all the materials ,such as wiki, designer’s guide,etc,I still don’t know how to start. Magento’s support documents are so rare and simple.I appreciate their excellent work to create such a powerful ecommerce software.But it’s the most difficult one for developers and designers that I have ever seen. Maybe their intention is to let us buy their support service.
No developer guide and no detailed design guide. Feel so desperated!!!!

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There’s a developer book on Magento by php|architect which contains examples that do work as oppose to many of the outdated wiki articles.

One could argue this lack of focus from the official team is their strategy as they make their money from selling support. If the documentation was top-notch, they’d sell less support. Less money coming in = less resources for further development. It’s a catch 22.

It’s up to the community too to update the wiki, blog about Magento etc.

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