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Latest version not working? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-11-29

just downloaded the latest version,..  having strange problems, the catalog is not displaying by default, the navigation items are not either, if I plug “catalog” onto the url it will display the default home page, but no item pictures [which are missing from teh distro file] but still no menu etc.

If i look in the admin there are no products or categories listed, but if i go to the catalog page there are items there, just no menu and no images.

is this an intentionally stripped down version? or am I looking at some broken issues here? i.e. should I spend a whole bunch of time looking to see if I have a problem or is this expected behaviour?

[using php cgi, suse linux 9.2… local dev installation - i’m not seeing any errors, php, apache or otherwise.] screenshot attached.


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