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Multisite: Transactional Email Placeholders for Store Name or Website Name? 
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Joined:  2008-09-02
Tampa, Florida

The default transactional emails are “smart” enough to grab the logo from the current website’s template and grab the correct links to the site, but unfortunately they are full of “Magento Demo Store” which is hard coded.

Are there placeholders that can pull either the store view/store/website name into the email?

I’ve found a couple threads on the subject of transactional email placeholders, but they don’t mention this:

Is it actually necessary to duplicate every transactional email just to change the “Magento Demo Store” for each website?

That second thread suggests I can make a template file that would call the correct information, but it seems there should be an existing placeholder for this need.

Thanks in advance,

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I completely agree with you. Whilst Magento has covered a vast many areas really well, it seems in practise that nobody has actually setup a live website with two different store fronts.

In my store there are two store fronts using different trading names, but when it comes to configuring the emails I really only have two options;
1. Take out any references to an email address to contact sales or support. This way one email can be used on both sites.
2. Create an entrirely separate set of email tempaltes for both stores. This seems very cumbersome considering all I need to replace is the placeholder for the email entry.

Guess I’ll just have to look forward to future versions.


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