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How to report a problem in this forum
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Here are the steps you have to follow if you do really want to get a quick and meaningful answer:

• Make sure you carefully read Magento System Requirements and Installation Guide (you can find A collection of Magento Installation Guides / Tutorials listed in the nearby post)

• Look through the Knowledge Base, Wiki and Forum - they might already have an aswer for you

• Copy and paste the entire error message

• Describe the steps you followed before you get an error

• Don’t forget to mention the Magento version and package type (light or full one) you are trying to install

• Describe your environment - PHP and MySQL versions, pdo_mysql and mysqli extensions versions, type of your hosting account (shared hosting or virtual/dedicated server), and how PHP is run - as Apache module or CGI/FastCGI

• Provide a link to phpinfo.php created under your Magento root directory if possible

• If you have modified the .htaccess file please post its content in <code></code> block

Thank you.

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