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Payment gateway integration
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I have added the


<!-- declare Mage_NewModule module -->
<!-- this is an active module -->
<!-- this module will be located in app/code/local code pool -->
<!-- specify dependencies for correct module loading order -->
<Mage_Payment />
<!-- declare module’s version information for database updates -->




<!-- declare model group for new module -->
<!-- model group alias to be used in Mage::getModel(’paytrace/...’) -->
<!-- base class name for the model group -->

<!-- declare resource setup for new module -->
<!-- resource identifier -->
<!-- specify that this resource is a setup resource and used for upgrades -->
<!-- which module to look for install/upgrade files in -->
<!-- specify database connection for this resource -->
<!-- do not create new connection, use predefined core setup connection -->

<!-- declare default configuration values for this module -->
<!-- ‘payment’ configuration section (tab) -->
<!-- ‘paytrace’ configuration group (fieldset) -->
<!-- by default this payment method is inactive -->
<!-- model to handle logic for this payment method -->
<!-- order status for new orders paid by this payment method -->
<!-- default title for payment checkout page and order view page -->



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