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Migrating on same server and sudomain leads into “too many redirects”
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Joined:  2009-08-12

Hi out there,

i already read about cleaning some folders containing the cached files and also to kill log DB files.

I think i oversaw something or its “some kind” of a new prob?

Same Server, just a subdomain, 2 Databases.

1) I Copied the complete file structure to my folder where the subdomain points to
2) copied the Database. Same server, so i used another name aso
3) killed the local.xml and started the installation proces, giving new Db name aso to the local.xml
4) After that i get the error “too many redirects”

i then changed within the DB core_config_data “web/unsecure/base_url” aso. - But it didnt work

Just to check - i changed exactly this field in my original Shopto the subdomain - and it really took all the files aso from the subdomain.

So i wonder why i get this error.

anyone could help me?

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