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Payment authorization error. 0 - Select your state/province
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Joined:  2010-04-19

I am having an issue on my site, I have had some people able to buy our products, however it was recently brought to my attention that their was a customer that couldn\’t purchase from our site.  She was getting an undefined error on the last step of the checkout, I looked around the forms here and found that some modules can cause that to happen, so I uninstalled all of my necessary modules and that made the error change.

It now says \"Payment authorization error. 0 - Select your state/province\” I\’ve tried it several times and making sure that I put in the state but it still fails.  I am currently using a custom theme and a beanstream module to process the payments.

I have only been able to duplicate this with the specific products that she chose, so their may be something wrong with the specific products but I just cannot see what it is, and I don\’t understand how removing a module would change the error. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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