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How to include a related table in a model
Jaime Stuardo
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Joined:  2010-04-02


I have installed th TF_ManufacturerList extension that I want to change a little bit.

The fact is that extension shows a manufacturers list (options of an attribute) in some column of the page but I don\’t like how the link is constructed. It is based on advanced search. I want to implement it using SEO feature.

Therefore, I want to change the link, for that, I need 2 more fields to be added to the resulting array. Those fields are present in a related table (that has the store_id and a SEO alias). How can I add it to the database query?

This is the the method of the block that get the options:

protected function _loadData()
$attributes Mage::getResourceModel(\'eav/entity_attribute_collection\')
$attribute $attributes->getFirstItem()->setEntity($product->getResource());
$this->_data $attribute->getSource()->getAllOptions(false);
$this->count_data count($this->_data);

$this->_data variable is an array whose data comes from the options table. I want the 2 fields belonging to the related table to be added to that array.

Something simple as doing: SELECT a.*, b.* FROM a, b WHERE a.a_id = b.a_id, but using Magento database access is not that straight forward.

Thanks a lot in advance

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