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DHL questions
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Hello --
I see “some” DHL support within Magento but I haven’t been able to get it working.

Although having field labels and a page indicating what those fields are is helpful, when I enter the configuration data into those fields (on the Magento Admin Shipping area) the DHL “stuff” still doesn’t “work”.

The problem is: I don’t know what it is supposed to do. Unless I’m mistaken, i have not found a very clear page on Magento’s site that says what the DHL module does.

Specifically, I need:
* shipment generation, which means :
—create a label,
—automatically store the tracking id # in the order and have it accessible to the customer,
—I do see a field on the admin side for the customer invoice which appears to be a link to tracking info, but it appears as though that is a manual entry at this point?

I see “T-HUB” as an option for UPS & FedEx to do the stuff described above. So—if I understand correctly then Magento does not create shipments and generate labels internally “out-of-the-box”?

Can anyone give me some clear answers on this stuff?

I’ll just add a bit more specifics here :
--- We have an “x-cart” store using a DHL module and that module had to go “fetch” a shipping key. Does anyone know if that same key can be used in Magento, or… is there a way to “generate” a shipping key within Magento?
--- I am interested in charging “table rates” so customers are charged a “flat rate” but based on their distance from us (i.e., California will pay $20, whereas New York will pay $9.95). I suppose I do not need to have DHL visible to the consumer, since we will only be using DHL for shipping, not for actual rate estimation. So.. all this means I need to know about Admin DHL functionality, and less about the Live Store DHL interaction.

If anyone can suggest a third-party module for this DHL stuff, I’d love to hear about it, or if you’re a developer with a specialty in shipping modules, please let me know.

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