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How do I add attributes to simple products that i have already created
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I have inserted many products (T shirts) as simple products , without entering any special attributes. i now want to create configurable products for various T shirts so that customers can pick a color ( various t shirts come in various color options ).
can i add new attributes to these simple products.
i have tried using the add new attribute but , it added the attribute to all products in the shop , and also did not appear when i created a new configurable product.
i read the tutorial that explains how to do these ( 1. create attributes 2. create simple products 3. create config product) , but is it possible to do it in a different order.

if it is not possible , than what happens if in the future i have another attribute i need to add to the config product (v neck vs regular neck)?

many thanks

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Yes you can always add attributes to a product once it is created, but remember attributes are assigned based on an “Attribute Set” not on a per-product basis, so if you’re products are all using the Default attribute set and you add an attribute to that set it is also added to all the products in that set.

NOTE: If you want an attribute to be available when creating a configurable product, “Only attributes with scope “Global”, input type “Dropdown” and Use To Create Configurable Product “Yes” are available.”

The key here is to set up good attribute sets before creating your products because, to my knowledge, you cannot change a product’s attribute set after the product has been created. Hope that helps.

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