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Attribute SQL / “There was an error processing your request” errors after upgrade to 1.4
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-04-04

Ugh, upgrading to 1.4 was just about the worst thing I ever did! So many issues.

I am trying to update an attribute to make it visible. Pretty straightforward, yes?

If I click on the attribute in the admin panel, I get one of those infuriating \"There was an error processing your request\” errors that explains nothing. Darn.

However, when I pop over to the database, the eav_attribute table doesn\’t seem to have all of the previous fields for attributes. For example, is_visible_on_front just doesn\’t exist anymore (which does make it difficult for me to set it to true ...).

Has anyone else come across this issue? It seems so ridiculous.


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