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1.1.5 failure upgrade
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Joined:  2008-01-29
San Francisco

I upgrade via uploading the new zip, then replacing my logo, a couple templates etc. And replacing local.xml which calls on the db. 

Trying twice the site would no longer resolve each time

Gave messages that such and such table already existed in the db, I don’t know what to do, so just reverted back. 

I did do a dump of the db before any upgrade, so was able to easily restore it to the pre upgrade status. Yet going to any page or admin login page, it would just say how these tables already existed My version that I was upgrading from was 1.0.19870

I know thats not much to go on but does anybody have any notions?

Ultimately, I restored the db from the dump, and I always copy the entire site to a safe place on the server before I start an upgrade, so copied it back and all is fine again at version 1.0.19870

Any ideas?  Thanks.

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